5 Reasons To Be Psyched For Twitter's Carousel Ads


Twitter is testing new Carousel Ads and if you’re not already bouncing up and down (perhaps on a plastic horse going in a slow, yet delightful circle) with excitement, you should be! Here are five reasons why:

1) Reports Of Higher Click-Thru-Rates & Engagement Rates

Facebook Carousel Ads have reported a staggering increase in CTR. Brands that use the ad platform on Facebook show up to 10x more traffic than regular ads. Instagram’s Carousel Ads don’t get that crazy, but they’re still solid and a notable improvement. Across the board, brands are seeing increases in likes and followers. Even Google has thrown their hat into the Carousel Ad ring, launching their own platform earlier this year. Google’s Carousel Ads are built into search results and perform differently than on social platforms, but are still attention grabbing.

2) Tweets As Ads Prove To Be Effective, Justifying The Carousel Ad’s Style

Promoted Tweets lead the pack as the most effective ad style for the platform. A Compete study shows consumers are more likely to visit a retailer’s website after seeing one pop in their feed. Keep in mind that this is just a single tweet, and the advertiser running the promoted post will have to create additional tweets and budget if they want to switch things up in their copy.

Twitter’s Carousel Ad platform allows brands to create ads with multiple tweets, enabling them to tell a more flushed out and captivating story. Much like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter Carousel Ads will be able to tell a brand’s story in a swarm of different ways that doesn’t tie one hand behind the advertiser’s back by limiting them to strictly text. Important note: Twitter Carousel Ads use existing tweets, whether text, photo, or video. This means that the tweet will have to be shared before adding it to the Carousel.

3) Brands Can Include Tweets From ‘Normal’ Users

Maybe your brand isn’t geared towards celebrity endorsements and would rather show off its ability to cultivate brand advocates. With the permission of the user, you can add their tweets in a Carousel Ad. Who wouldn’t want to round up positive testimonials and show them off?

4) A New Way To Tell A Story On Twitter

Carousel Ads provide an interactive way for users to view ads on their mobile devices. It may not be as addicting as PokemonGo, but this helps keep ads in front of your audience as they swipe through the Carousel to view all of the tiles you diligently wove together to express your brand’s story. In a perfect world, this will drive traffic to your website.

5) Customers Have More Chances To Buy

More eyes on your content = Better ability to make a sale. For that reason, content marketing has been a theme of 2016 and Carousel Ads can help further that discussion. Brands can ditch the limitations that are tied to a single post, and instead convey their story the way it was meant to be told. The average consumer no longer wants to just be shown WHAT they should buy; they want to be told WHY they should buy it.

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